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Korvapuusti (Finnish Cinnamon Rolls)

For any of you who have tried and loved the AFO Pulla Bread recipe, you've got to try this! Korvapuusti uses the standard Pulla Bread recipe and turns it into an even sweeter and more sharable (and super adorable!) cinnamon roll. I read recently that these are one of the most popular sweet snacks in… Continue reading Korvapuusti (Finnish Cinnamon Rolls)

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Tarragon Marinated Mushrooms

A perfect antipasti option for any time of the year! Is it just me or does everyone like those little jars of marinated mushrooms from the fancy grocery store? Pre-covid times, you could sometimes find some at the Safeway "olive bar" sometimes, too. So yummy!! They are my go-to appetizer, midnight snack and picnic treat.… Continue reading Tarragon Marinated Mushrooms