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Essense of the Garden (aka: veggie stock)

You can get tasty chicken or beef stock pretty much anywhere.  About 15 years ago when I foolishly tried to buy good veggie stock I was surprised to find that all of them kind of sucked.  Is that slander?  I tried five different kinds and they ranged from tinny to watery.  So I decided to… Continue reading Essense of the Garden (aka: veggie stock)

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Crocodile Chips (aka.: Refrigerator Pickles)

I was never a huge pickle fan until I ran across this recipe years ago in New York.  I was working at a restaurant called Bubby's Pie Company, and they threw these "quick pickles" together in the summertime to go with their brioche cheeseburgers.  They are sweet, crunchy, spicy and tangy.  It's great when you… Continue reading Crocodile Chips (aka.: Refrigerator Pickles)

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Tomatillo Salsa (aka: magic green sauce)

May I begin by saying, I love tomatillos!  Don't fear them, fellow Gringos.  These lovely little green and yellow gooseberry cousins have a refreshingly savory, lemony flavor that goes well with so many dishes.  In the summer when they first ripen, I love them chopped into salads, dropped on top of nachos or a cold… Continue reading Tomatillo Salsa (aka: magic green sauce)

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Is that Elderberry Cordial, Mrs. Danforth?

Around here you can find elderberry bushes growing in nearly every forested area. And as luck would have it! In my yard back at the farm as well. Everything harvested early this year so I barely got any picked before the birds got to them, but I did manage to pick enough for a small… Continue reading Is that Elderberry Cordial, Mrs. Danforth?

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Yes you CAN make home made tomato sauce!

My in-laws came for a visit the last week in September and brought with them EIGHTEEN enormous vine ripened, home grown tomatoes.  We already had a gallon bag from my mom in the fridge and my neighbor asked me to take pity on her and pick hers as well.  For a person not terribly fond… Continue reading Yes you CAN make home made tomato sauce!