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Tarragon Marinated Mushrooms

A perfect antipasti option for any time of the year! Is it just me or does everyone like those little jars of marinated mushrooms from the fancy grocery store? Pre-covid times, you could sometimes find some at the Safeway "olive bar" sometimes, too. So yummy!! They are my go-to appetizer, midnight snack and picnic treat.… Continue reading Tarragon Marinated Mushrooms

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Carnitas Verde (aka: green piggie meat)

A few weeks ago while planning for a work function, one of my co-workers requested I make “something yummy and pork”. I’ll admit that I was at a loss for ideas, but ultimately decided to make a taco meat version of my very simple and delicious Pozole Verde recipe. It was a hit with friends… Continue reading Carnitas Verde (aka: green piggie meat)