From Amity Farm...

Rico & the Rodeo

Rico is officially “one of the girls”. The vet come over today and whethered him – that’s castrated for all the city-folk ; ) I’ll spare the grizzly details, but here’s the gist:

  • First Dr. Wilson and Rebecca had to catch him rodeo-style (actually FIRST, I had to have a shot of Tequila). He really didn’t like it and started choking, at which time I started having second thoughts coupled with severe anxiety and a strong maternal instinct to fight off Dr. Wilson and Rebecca with my bare hands.
  • Second they sedated Rico and we all helped with the, um.. procedure. It was a little disgusting and painful, but neither of us threw up or passed out. Well, I guess he passed out.. sort of.
  • After the vets left I had some more tequila and went back to the barn until little Rico Suave woke up. He stopped breathing a couple of times, but thankfully no mouth to snout was required.

Rico is walking a little funny tonight and has a gash on his head from the rodeo. Dr. Wilson says they girls are likely already pregg-o, and the funky goat/BO smell will go away within a month or so (THANK GOD). I’m still a little drunk, but it looks like everything is going to be okay. Cheers to farm animals and all the blog drama they bring with them.

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