From Amity Farm...

Concrete RULES!

For whatever reason, my garage floors were half concrete and half gravel when I bought the place. Since the farmstand is getting a little more attention this year, I decided to bite the bullet and finish the job. You may know this already, but concrete is EXPENSIVE! The only way I could afford to do it was to truck it in myself.

First batch, $200 – 3 hours
Rented a truck and a concrete mixer with 1 yard of pre-mix. This was an excellent and inexpensive option where I could figure out what the heck I was doing without being under the watchful eye of some guy telling me how to do it right. It took longer to back the trailer up the driveway than it did to pour it in the garage. Finishing it was fine, but the chickens decided to “personalize” it while I was returning the truck.

Second batch, $360 – 4 hours
By now a concrete expert (ha!), I had the remaining 3 yards trucked in. The guy pulled up and the first thing he asked was, “You the only one home today?” It could have gone very poorly at that point (I was on the brink of, “You see anyone else here?? Is that going to be a problem for you a-hole?!”) But instead just answered, “Yep”. He actually turned out to be very nice. He poured and even stayed a little longer to help me grade and float it. After he was done cleaning up the truck he asked, “Did you grow up on a farm?” “You can tell, huh?” I asked. “I don’t know many women who would tackle concrete.”

Taking a cue from the chickens, the cat and goats trudged through the wet slop leaving their mark indelibly on the newly poured rock. Couldn’t look more perfect if I had planned it myself.

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