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A Sense of Neighborhood

This morning I got a call at 7:30.  It was my neighbor Jill with a terrible flu asking if I could substitute for her in Dallas.  The kids were up and changed, eating cereal and watching cartoons in the bedroom.  15 minutes later I had them bundled up in their jackets with Paul and I walking them the 100 feet to our childcare provider who greeted them with open arms.Jill is the same person who has supplied me with pounds and piles of wonderful, fresh produce from her forgotten fall garden.  She walks down our alley with her sweet puppy in the evenings sometimes and always offers her smile and fresh veggies.  I finally raided her garden for tomatoes the other day and made the most wonderful spaghetti sauce.  In two batches, I made enough to freeze 10 freezer tubs – one of which I left for Jill and her husband as a thank you.

Tonight – a few minutes ago – while having a glass of wine on the porch with Ellie after a nightmare – I watched five lovely deer walking through my yard and into another.  Two does and three fawns blissfully nibbling leaves and talking to each other, sizing up me and Ellie at 1am.  Should we worry about that other mom and daughter?  Let’s just tip-toe on over to another yard in this quiet, protected neighborhood.

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