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Easy make magnets

My kiddos love magnets.  And, okay, so do I.  I started them out with a set of foamy educational magnets.  They are awesome.  We can practice words and play at the same time. But they grew tired after a few months…

Have fun with your kids arranging them on the fridge, stove, bathtub, cookie sheet, washing machine, whiteboard, metal storm door or wherever you like to play!

It was a while before my little ones were old enough to not swallow my fancy grown-up magnets, but we have officially reached that point so I put some out on the fridge.  It was immediately obvious that there weren’t enough magnets for both toddlers.  So we went to the craft store and picked out some materials to make a new set!  I let the kids pick out the stones we used, and ours were new,  but I think the next batch will just be shells or river rocks we find on our walks.  The beauty of these is that you can really use anything.  Simple. cheap. fun.

You’ll need some magnets (preferably 3/4 inch – available at hardware or craft store), super glue (gel is best), and something pretty!
Lay your magnets out on a flat surface, far enough apart they don’t SNAP together.
Arrange your pretties next to your magnets. I was doing 24 with rainbow craft stones and was able to do four complete sets. Arranging them this way helped me make sure I had enough of each color…
Squeeze a dot of glue gel onto the magnet and QUICKLY place the pretty item on top. Hold in place until the glue sets. If you’re using gorilla glue or something less quick-setting, just place it on top and leave it alone for about five minutes.
Repeat with each one. Leave the whole set to cure for 10-20 minutes. Just in case 🙂


They can be really fun, and they make terrific gifts, too.  Just make sure your kids don’t eat them. It can be pretty dangerous.  You can do this by watching your kids like a hawk and/or making sure the magnets you make are too big to swallow.

3 thoughts on “Easy make magnets

    1. Hi Becky! I use a Canon Rebel EOS. It’s a digital SLR and I love it. Mine is kinda old at this point but still seems to do the trick. Makes everything I do look prettier 😉


      1. Thanks! Your pictures have turned out great. I was looking through your site the other day and didn’t realize that you also published a cookbook. You are multi-talented!


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