From Amity Farm...

Goat Babies

The amazing goat babies

The goat babies came in the middle of the night with very little fuss or fanfare – and very little help from me!

Lola delivered one boy and one girl! They look just like their daddy : ) Lola was a real champ! I came home and she had just delivered them all by herself!! (thank god, cause I really didn’t know what I would have done if she needed my help). They were up and walking within an hour.

Dulce also had one little girl. I wasn’t quite sure if she was preggo or not. Her udder changed shape in the morning in the same way Lola’s did on her birthing day so I wondered if she would. I was able to be there for this “kidding” and it was beyond magical…

Allow me to introduce: Crema, Carmen, and Rico, Jr!!

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