From Amity Farm...

Lessons Learned

This season has been so fun and full of farm lessons. I started the season with these specific goals in mind:

  • Plant all the things you know and grow them the way you usually do
  • Figure out all the things that are going to be problems next year
  • Plant a cover crop in the empty fields to enrich the soil for later
  • Decide on some of the varieties you haven’t tested before
  • Sell enough produce at the farmstand to pay for your seeds
  • Give away a lot of veggies to attract customers for next year’s CSA

Did she do them?? Yes, she did. Well, that last one is still pending, but I definitely gave away a lot of veggies 😉 The main problems of pest, fences and irrigation are completely solvable over the winter months and now I can focus on my next batch of goals:

  • Reside and paint the barn for my freezing little goat friends
  • Finish writing my building permit application (for kitchen & house)
  • Refinance the house so I can pay off remodel debt and..
  • Turn the one large upstairs bathroom two small baths so I can…
  • Open a bona fide bed & breakfast with the upstairs rooms next spring

Should be a lot of hard work and a lot of fun. I think I’ll take a few days off first though : )

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