From Amity Farm...

Favorite Farm Tools

They aren’t what you’d expect. I mean, I love my big-boy tractor and the power tools, but my absolutely favorite farm tools are:

A 12-foot length of chain with hooks on either end.
This is a marvelous little goodie I found half buried in a burn pile. When attached to either the bucket or the tow hitch is great for pulling things. It has recently pulled several hundred feet of rusty old fencing out of the bushes, a couple dozen metal T-posts out for repositioning, an old truck canopy from the field to the dumpster and a wood table from the other field to the back yard. Very handy!

Tape roller/Cat hair remover
I could never have really anticipated the amount of hair/fur I routinely encounter at the farm. It…is… EVERYWHERE. With 5 cats and three goats all shedding at the same time, a poor simple human just can’t keep up by herself. The lint roller is critical. Chairs, coats, pants (especially pants), sweaters and pillows – all kept tidy with the tape roller.

Rusty Cro-Bar
Is that how you spell cro-bar?? You know what I mean, right. The 18-inch round metal thingy with a socket on one end and a chisel on the other. AKA: tire iron. Found a couple in the barn and I use them anything I can’t lift and deal with at the same time. The tractor attachments, hanging plywood siding, riping off old plywood siding. Whatever needs a little lifting or leverage.

There are many things that happen on the farm that you just really don’t want to touch or ever have in your washing machine. Cat pee, goat barf, moldyness, placenta, any/all variety of poo and – of course – the unidentifiable. For real, you don’t want to touch the unidentifiable. And if you use paper towels, you run the risk of touching whatever IT is. Enter… Bag-O-Rags!!!! They are literally, a bag full of cotton (usually red) 12×12 rags. And they are only about 10 cents each, so you can pickup/wipe up whatever IT is and just throw everything in the trash. Ahh…

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