From Amity Farm...

Quotes from the Farm

Lately I find myself and my guests saying things I never would have thought would come out of our mouths. Here are a few that came up this week

  • “There is no fence that can contain a horny goat.”
  • “Ever since I hit that waterer with the truck, its been nothing but trouble.”
  • “Well at least there isn’t a cow on my front porch”
  • “Idle hooves are the devil’s playground.”
  • “Arghh!! Fu*k it. Fu*k it, fu*k this, and fu*k YOU!” (said mid-project all around the farm)
  • “I realized very early on, this farm is no place for dainty women”
  • “I’m just glad the goat didn’t die.”
  • “Man… I look GOOD when I’m clean!”
  • “I wonder how long that chicken was *in* there?!”
  • “Carmen honey please, you’re standing on the chicken.”
  • “The irrigation system is fine. Its the gravity that’s the problem.”
  • “I didn’t mean to tackle your dog like that. She was just stressin’ me out.”
  • “Listen you useless meat sack. I AM trimming your hooves.”
  • “We’re practicing planned parenthood here. If I’m not breeding, no one is.”

We just crack ourselves up! I’ll keep this as a running log…

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