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Moist apple (and pear) cake

So I have a dark baking secret… I always look up new recipes online.  I do a search for the ingredients I have, look around on google images and try out new recipes based on the pictures.  Yes, I judge books by their covers/food stylists. The other day I tried a new apple cake using the recipe here: It turned out okay, but I think I would add a little more flour next time.  It was fully cooked, but it felt a little too eggy to me. Here’s the steps:

Peel, core and slice up about six apples. I used three Honeycrisp apples and three very ripe Asian pears. Knowing they wouldn’t cook all the way through, I sliced them pretty thin. If you like your cake with even MORE bite, chop them into chunks. For a little variety, do a small dice!


Everything you need INCLUDING a bottle of Captain Morgan! That’s right, dark rum is what gives this cake an out-of-the-ordinary flavor. Use apple cider vinegar if rum isn’t your thing.


Add those apples in last…
Fold them in carefully so you don’t deflate the egg whites…


Couldn’t get a picture before someone stole a piece! Okay, it was me. And it was delicious.

2 thoughts on “Moist apple (and pear) cake

  1. Hi Sadie, Thanks for trying my apple cake recipe out. I wanted to let you know that adding pears to this recipe would make the mixture very wet since pears have so much moisture. The original recipe just has apples. Using just apples would give it a completely different texture, possibly less eggy for you. If you decide to try it again see how it goes with just apples. Best, Carrie!


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