Backyard Tent Time

We are still having the most wonderful warm weekends in the Willamette Valley.  The kids are bored with the pool, the water table, the chickens, the garden, and anything else that we’ve been doing all summer. Maybe the same is true for you?  If you are looking for a different way to lounge away the summer hours, try throwing up a quick kiddy tent for some peek-a-boo, story time, or nap!


It’s super easy.  Find two strong structures that are less than 20 feet away from each other.  I chose a tree and a chicken coop.  Tie one end of a strong strong (in my case a clothesline).


I had a couple old tabbed curtains and threaded the clothesline through the tabs, alternating between the different panel tabs.  If you don’t have something like that, just tie the other end of the rope/string to the other structure (TIGHT!) throw a quilt or sheet over it.  It might help to secure with a few clothes pins.


I grabbed four tent pegs, pounded them into the ground at an angle, and used twine to tie the corners of the curtains to one of those tent pegs.


Our ground was a little muddy so I threw down a couple of yoga mats and put an old quilt on top of them.  Grab a few pillows, some snacks, coloring books, or playing cards and you’ll have a nice cool spot to hang out in the afternoon sun!

IMG_9217 IMG_9207


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