Arrgh! Fruitflies!!!

This is just a short post with a tip you might need right about now.  How to get rid of the swarms of fruit flies in your kitchen?  Simple!

First of all, try moving all your exposed water and produce into a bag or a fridge.  It doesn’t hurt to move your compost bucket further from your back door and add screens to your windows, but baring the feasibility of either of those suggestions you can try creating a simple (and CHEAP) trap!

Grab some glass our of your sink. Fill it about 1/4 full of water.  Add 2-3 drops of dish soap to it and gently swirl. The soap is just to break the surface tension of the water and will keep the bugs from just drinking and flying away.  You don’t need much, and you don’t need it bubbly.


Add to your glass about the same amount of some kind of fermented fruit product. Great candidates: apple cider vinegar (shown) or leftover wine.


Leave it on the counter and in the morning you’ll have a disgusting mess of dead fruit flies 🙂  Dump it out and redo the “bait” once a day until the weather turns or the fruit and veggies are done.


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